Key Benefits:

The Australian Silky Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier dos not shed hair all over the furniture and with minimum coat care, he will not emit a doggy odor.


The Silky is more Suitable to the Australian climate and is much easier to handle generally.




    Our Mission:

I am a Hobby Breeder!
I breed mainly for show and silky 'lovers"
Who wants a loving, playful,
mischievous healthy companion for the perfect home.
Established in the ''1960'' earning a very good reputation with this. Please
purchase your puppy from
a well known and registered Breeder which is a member
of the
h_heart.gif Canine Control
Puppies are all VET checked, wormed,
micro shipped &vaccinated.
This is the best place to select your
registered puppy, guarantied healthy.

First_page_ausilk Silky Terriers
& Yorkshire Terriers


 Good news

 A milestone has arrived and we wish to dedicate this show: 22-09-2012 to the Foundation Members,
who have so generously given of ther time and continual support in association with the Club since its inception.
At this time we hornour:
Helma & Helmut Dressler
Lorna and Bevan Hinch
Christine Magson
Daphne Muhling
Fay McDougal  
Ann, Graham & Myles Rohde.
Without these stalwarts of the Breed, there would be no Australian Silky Terrier Club of Queensland and for that we thank them.

Show resulds
25 Anniversary
show from 22-09-2012

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The Australian Silky Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Page Silky Terrier and Yorkshire Terriers
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  1. How do I Feed a Silky Terrier correct... bilder02/heart.gif ?
  2. Where can I find A C.C.C. registered Responsible Australian Silky Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier Breeder ... bilder02/heart.gif ?
  3. bilder02/heart.gif Why should I bay A pedigree Australian Silky Terrier ... ?>When you select your Puppy, you will have spent quite some time considering exactly what type of puppy you should bay. What size would best fit in with your household; how much exercise space and time the dog will receive; how much he will cost to feed, house and keep in good health and condition etc.; and having decided all this, what type of temperament your dog will need to have to fit in happily with in your family, and what about the children? Dog or Bitch? The choice between dog and bitch is also of preference. "Yes" you made the best suitable decision; The Australian Silky Terrier is A must. The Silky is more Suitable to the Australian climate and is much easier to handle generally. The Australian Silky Terrier makes a good smart little watch dog, is easily house-trained and being a small and affectionate, is eminently suitable for small - house or flat - dwellers.
  4. How long is the live time (approx.) of a Australian Silky Terrier ...bilder02/heart.gif ?
  5. What is the right color of a Australian Silky Terrier... bilder02/heart.gif ? / What is the right color of a Yorkshire Terrier...bilder02/heart.gif ?
    All puppies are born black and tan, eventually growing in to a blue or gray blue and tan.
    This can take up to 2 years.

  6. When is it save to bay a Australian Silky Terrier puppy... bilder02/heart.gif ? Not before the age of 8 to 10 weeks.
    This is a good place to select your C.C.C. registered Puppy, They are all Vet checked, wormed and Vaccinated & micro shipped.
bilder/Ausilk Nessanee Silky Show 2007web.
A Silky Terrier shown

A Yorkshire Terrier
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And if you not now the difference
between the breed
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Where can I find ... ? Caring for your new puppy / YES COMPLETE DOG CARE! "IS BEST"
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bilder02/heart.gif Why should I bay A   C.C.C.(Q) dogs registered Australian Silky or Yorkshire Terrier ... ?

[This is the answer to the question.] So many people have bought an appealing little puppy which was sold to them as a Silky Terrier,
only to find out later that the father was a Blue- Heeler.
Even an expert cannot look at a 6-8 week- old cross breed and guess his ultimate weight, size coat or very important-character.
This is not to say that you should not buy a cross breed dog. Rather that you should keep all these points in you mind when considering to buy a small Australian Silky Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier, purchase one from a well known and registered Breeder which is a member of the

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bilder02/heart.gif What is may responsibility If we desire to bay- A Silky or Yorkshire Terrier... ?

[This is the answer to the question.] Dog owners must always remember thy should be a responsible owner, considerate of their neighbors and aware of their local council by-laws pertaining to dogs. The most important requirement in purchasing a pup should be a fenced yard. When you bay a puppy you become responsible for the health and welfare of that pup including holiday season. Never let your dog run the streets [for his safety and consideration for motorists].
A STREET DOG IS A TEMPORARY PET!!! The odds are a car will eventually hit him or he will become very expensive in Dog Pound fines.
He is a member of your family household and should be treated accordingly.

When is the right time for Spaying our female puppy... ? But your Local Council has a different opinion bilder02/heart.gif    <click on here

[This is the answer to the question.] DE-SEXING Spaying is the removal of the reproductive organs of female dogs. It is the most common means of contraception for pets.
Apart from ensuring no litters are produced, spaying also protects against some common diseases affecting the reproductive organs. The best time to spay young female dogs is between 5. and 7. months---before the first breeding cycle. ( However spaying can be done at any time after 5.months.) Although spaying is extremely common, it is still a major surgical procedure, and some side effects may occur in a small number of cases. Some people say spaying leads to obesity, but this can be controlled by diet and exercise, and may not be directly related to the operation. Believing a bitch should have a litter of pups before being spayed, but there is no medical evidence to substantiate this view.
NEUTERING of male dogs is less common in a small breed If you keep him in doors and in a enclosed backyard under control. Of course some people may not want their dog to be more docile, and physical characteristics do not develop.
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And if you still not Shure what Toy breed you desire [This is the answer to the question.]

The foundation of a good relationship with a dog is the making of a few sensible decisions.

The first and perhaps most important decision are to carefully select a breed of dog that is most likely to fit into the family temperament and lifestyle. There are many breeds to choose from, there are breeds that can cope with hot, muggy temperatures like the Australian Silky Terrier, he meet the special need for a compact pet and home companion for apartment and urban dwellers.Silky’s have always been a popular house pet, and can put up wit children. Silky’s are hardy, non-shedding odorless, and also a great little watch dogs. But he has some right to be a full member of your family.

Ausilk Vaccination & Worming information


Vaccination information

Did you know... The canine nose works one million times more efficiently than the human nose! And the average dog has 42 permanent teeth. Check regular for clean teeth, and feed a good quality dog-food. And provide always clean fresh water. New pets – dogs things to look out for: Check vaccination certificates for a veterinary practice logo or address- this way you now, your dog has a full health check as part of the vaccination process. Vets supply certificates at the time of consultation. Do not accept any pappy, From a "breeder" who will forward a vaccination certificate. or micro-shipped certificate for your puppy. Vaccination: Dogs, C4 or C5 protect your dog from distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, bordatella, and Para- influenza, first at 8-9 weeks of age, second-boost at 12 weeks of age, To get the most out of your vet appointment, prepare a list of all the points you wish to discussed with the vet. Your dogs annual vaccination is after the 12 month and is an important part of your best friend's long term health and wellbeing. And if you need any help? Look in our LINK - Pages. The most council law requires that all pups be vaccinated at the time of being sold or given away. Micro shipped: YES all puppies being micro shipped!
For more information giv as A call >

g-bleiph 2.jpg

We woluld like to advise you that if you want to get quick and fast information to please contact the breeder
directly by phone! OR alternatively provide the breeder with your contact phone number they/we will be
very happy to give you a call when it is convienient for you!

 Local in Australia: 07 55 460260
Monday to Sunday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (EST) AUSTRALIA

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"Drontal Allwormer" Safe for Pets, Murder on Worms. From  BAYER  of coarse!


Helps & Hints & Tips. and all about Heartworms in Dogs.  DOG.GIF

Treat heartworm in Dogs ( Pet talk with Paul Shiel )

Heartworm is a disease predominantly found in dogs, however, it may also be present in cats and rarely in Humans.
The disease is caused by a parasite called Dirofilaria - immitis which is a worm that attempts to live in the lungs and hearts of dogs.
It is a terminal disease and by that I mean that the animal infested will eventually die, unless specifically treated for the infection.
This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes , whom, then they bit their host they transfer the small larval stage of the heartworm which find their way into the bloodstream. After your dog has been bitten it takes about eight weeks for the larval stages to develop into adult worms which will then breed and produce more larvae, consequently the dog's condition simply worsens. Fortunately, heartworm can be prevented and even treated if your dog is already infected. Some of the common clinical signs are a cough, reduced exercise tolerance with progressive weight loss.
You should seek advice from a veterinarian, if your dog is not already on heartworm preventative medicine, and you suspect it may be infected. I t is very important to understand that the normal dog worming tablets taken approximately every three months for gastro-intestinal worms do not kill or affect heartworm at all. Remember, heartworm lives in the lungs and heart, not in the gut system. To check if your dog in infected, simply go to your vet to have a specific blood test done, which will detect if heartworm is presented. If they are, then treatment is available to kill the existing adult and larval heartworm. Once this is achieved the dog can go onto the preventative treatment. Again it is very important to check your dog first, before going onto the preventive treatment because if you don't you risk killing your dog.The only safe time to start a dog on a heartworm prevention tablets is when it is eight weeks old. Anytime after that is a risk and the dog should be tested first. There are currently three available ways of heartworm treatment. They are: Dimmitrol tablets given daily Heartgurd 30, one tablet given every month. Heartgurd 30+, which incorporates a gut worming program against roundworm and hookworm.
For further advice consult your local VET.

"Drontal Allwormer" Safe for Pets, Murder on Worms. From  BAYER  of coarse!

Drontal-ikon.jpg Recommended by all top Silky Terrier Breeders

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