Becoming A new dog owner-General information Australian Silky Terrier - Yorkshire Terrier General information

Becoming A new dog owner - Silky Terriers' and Yorkshire Terrier's

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Becoming A new dog owner

Practices of Animal Welfare, Becoming responsible new pet owners, and more.
1 First register your pet with the local council and ensure your contact details are on its collar. (micro- chip No:) Phone No: name. Keep your dog on your secured property, except for walks, and keep Small puppies indoors at night if possible. De-sex your female puppy unless you have plans for breeding.   Train dogs not to be a nuisance to neighbours. 4 Play with your puppy and exercise your dog regularly. Protect your dog's health with yearly vaccinations, worm, flea, and tick Control and an annual check - up at your local vet. Feed your dog a nutritionally quality balanced diet. 7 Supply clean, cool fresh water at all times. Provide a cosy and dry sleeping place.
9 Ensure your dog are all wise well cared for during holidays if you Are way. 10 Hi, you are ready for all this?
11 Good continuous! / For more info, take your time and read our Web Site.

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See what’s happen when your Yorkie has not a save place in your Office! See above

Before you take your Silky Terrier / Yorkshire Terriers to the office or workplace you need to know.  

Be a responsible owner. Socialising your dog is important to help it to enjoy the company of people and other dogs, and help prevent fear and problems in upbringing young dogs. Dogs are social animals and thrive on companionship, so making sure your Silky or Yorkshire Terrier is well behaved around people will help establish harmonious relationships that benefit everyone in your Family and on your workplace.

More workplaces these days are becoming dog friendly.
Having your dog at work can have some benefits like being with your little friend and enjoying their company, taking him or her for a walk two or three times a day if possible gives you some exercise that keeps body mind and soul alert and your dog can do its business while you  both enjoying the fresh  air.
(Please do not forget your doggy poop bags)

The first thing you need to do is check with your workplace (manager or boss) if you are allowed to bring your dog to work and ask if your dog is covered under the business liability insurance.
Then you need to ask yourself does my dog get along with other people or other dogs?
It is very important that your little friend likes companionship from people and other pets and that he or she is pleasant to them otherwise you need to socialise your dog first.
Please make sure that your dog is fully vaccinated and that he or she has a dog tag on the collar.
It is also very important that your dog is fully house trained and is comfortable being in a playpen with water, doggy biscuits and a toy while you are working. It might be wise to have a trial run for a day to see how things go.

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We enjoy our Silky & Yorkshire Terriers ;as they will add spice to anyone.s life.

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