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A Dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tongue !


The Toy Dog Club of Queensland 
The Australian Silky Terrier Web Club of QLD.

The Yorkshire Terrier Club of N.S.W.

How do I learn about different toy breeds? What kind of dog is best for me?
A good place to start is look below the pictures !
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 all toy dogs-display/Ksmart-ausilk-web.jpg all toy dogs-display/CH.ausilk Silky Terrier.jpg  all toy dogs-display/Ausilkdamur.jpg
 The Australian Silky Terrier images01/heart.gif
 /-Ph;0755460260   /-Ph;07 55478 579    all toy dogs-display/info.gif


all toy dogs-display/AFFENPINSCHER1-Helmut.jpg  all toy dogs-display/image002.jpg  all toy dogs-display/Am Ch Tamarin Take That-web01.jpg
Affenpinscher images01/heart.gif
  /- P
h;07 3252 2661                                    all toy dogs-display/info.gif


 all toy dogs-display/bichonklein.jpg  all toy dogs-display/DSCN1022.JPG  all toy dogs-display/DSCN1029.JPG 
Bichon Frise   images01/heart.gif
  /- Ph;07 38070526                                    all toy dogs-display/info.gif    

all toy dogs-display/HD421-Helmut.jpg  all toy dogs-display/small2.jpg   images01/heart.gif
Chihuahua (
Long Coat)   
  /-Ph; 0700000000                                    all toy dogs-display/info.gif                                                                           

all toy dogs-display/HD408CLON-Helmut.jpg   all toy dogs-display/Rays photos -web-600-800.jpg  all toy dogs-display/webster-Troy2web.jpg  images01/heart.gif
Chihuahua (
Smooth Coat
  /- Ph; 07 00000000    /- Ph;0418758803   all toy dogs-display/info.gif   

all toy dogs-display/CRESTET_KOPF2-Helmu.jpg all toy dogs-display/crestedgut03.jpg all toy dogs-display/Ccrested PP01.jpg all toy dogs-display/Ccrested PP.jpg images01/heart.gif
Chinese Crested Dog  
  /- Ph; 07 32522661                                  all toy dogs-display/info.gif                                                    

all toy dogs-display/ENG_TOY1-Helmut.jpg  all toy dogs-display/CH. Notron Tiffany-01-web0-Helmut.jpg  images01/heart.gif
 English Toy Terrier
Black&Tan)  /- Ph; 07 32522661             all toy dogs-display/info.gif         

 all toy dogs-display/Prickle 09.13-800-600web.jpg all toy dogs-display/Gooey 09.13-800-600web.jpg all toy dogs-display/Tigger Brat 09.13 sitting-800-600web.jpg all toy dogs-display/Prickle 09.13.1-800-600web.jpg   images01/heart.gif
Griffon Bruxellois    
       /- Ph; 0429444499                      all toy dogs-display/info.gif        

all toy dogs-display/Merikaez01.jpg  all toy dogs-display/It Gr-web01-Helmut.jpg  images01/heart.gif
 Italian Greyhound 
  /-Ph;  02 6634-1358                            all toy dogs-display/info.gif        

all toy dogs-display/JAPANISCHERHUND1-Helmut.jpg  all toy dogs-display/Mingdon-Japanese Chins05.jpg    images01/heart.gif
Japanese Chin    
 /-Ph; 07 55 257834  /-Ph; 07 32522661       all toy dogs-display/info.gif     

all toy dogs-display/DSCN1120.JPG all toy dogs-display/Snickers 2013 Brisbane Royal Puppy of Breed - web01.jpg all toy dogs-display/Snickers 2013 Brisbane Royal BOB-800-600web.jpg all toy dogs-display/Pedro - Cubet Pedro Dido - web-HD.jpg images01/heart.gif
 /-Ph; 07
38903902    /-all toy dogs-display/e-mail 5.jpg                all toy dogs-display/info.gif         

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all toy dogs-display/possible1-Helmut.jpg     all toy dogs-display/Cavalier-Helmut.JPG  images01/heart.gif
Cavalier Charles Spaniel     
 /- Ph; 07 3297 7418 /-Ph; 07 3279 7339 all toy dogs-display/info.gif

all toy dogs-display/KING_CHARLS22KLEIN-Helmut.jpg King Charles Spaniel  all toy dogs-display/King Charls11klein.jpg images01/heart.gif
  /- Ph; 07 32522661                                        
                                                  all toy dogs-display/info.gif            

all toy dogs-display/Löwchen.jpg  all toy dogs-display/Lowchen-01-Helmut.JPG  images01/heart.gif
 Löwchen    ( Little Lion Dog )
/-Ph;0418720162                              all toy dogs-display/info.gif 

all toy dogs-display/Maltese01-web-ok.jpg  all toy dogs-display/maltese1klein.jpg  images01/heart.gif
  /- Ph; 07 31627416                            all toy dogs-display/info.gif 

all toy dogs-display/HUNDROPINCHER11-Helmut.jpg  all toy dogs-display/MINPINK3-Helmut.jpg  images01/heart.gif
Miniature Pinscher
  /- Ph; 07 32522661                         all toy dogs-display/info.gif     =========================================================                                                          

all toy dogs-display/mittelclond03.jpg all toy dogs-display/b-wpapillon1.jpg all toy dogs-display/DSCN1052.JPG  all toy dogs-display/clonedmittel.jpg  images01/heart.gif
   /- Ph; 07 54281215                               all toy dogs-display/info.gif

all toy dogs-display/bobbyroyal2001.jpg  all toy dogs-display/bobbyroya.jpg  all toy dogs-display/DSCN1117.JPG  images01/heart.gif
Pekingese /- Ph; 07 5546 6283 
  /-Ph; 0409403301 all toy dogs-display/info.gif                                                                       

images/HD_POM9-Helmut.jpg all toy dogs-display/hd_pomklein2-Helmut.jpg all toy dogs-display/hd_pom22.jpg   images01/heart.gif
  /- Ph; 07 54645320                                all toy dogs-display/info.gif  


all toy dogs-display/JUNJREB-Helmut.jpg           images01/heart.gif
 /- Ph; 07 54657972 /- Ph; 07                  all toy dogs-display/info.gif  

all toy dogs-display/TIBETTEN7-Helmut.jpg  all toy dogs-display/tibetan-HD34web.jpg  all toy dogs-display/B.M-H.D..JPG  images01/heart.gif
Tibetan Spaniel   
 /- Ph; 07 5546 1274                               all toy dogs-display/info.gif  

all toy dogs-display/ch.ausilk-I am champanger.JPG  all toy dogs-display/ausilk jay jay.JPG  all toy dogs-display/ch_Ausilk_Imara-sitzend.png                                                                                                                         images01/heart.gif
Yorkshire Terrier    
/- Ph: 07 55460260   /-Ph;07 55 478 579                                                           all toy dogs-display/info.gif 

An initiative of Ausilk the Breeders,
Group One Toys
Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership

And if you can't find what you looking for ask, Helmut bilder01/heart.gif
Or become a member of the Toy dog club of QLD.      
 The Australian Silky Terrier web club of QLD. >
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A responsible person will choose a purebred dog because the behavior, appearance and size of the dog are predictable! 
( There is no degree of predictability of outcome with a cross breed dog.)               /- more Info> bilder01/info.gif                      

    Canine Control Council (QLD) - Ph. (07) 3252 2661                 

This is the best place to select your Canine ControlCouncil
 registered puppy. Puppies sometimes available.

Ask to visit the breeder before settling on a puppy.Ask if it is possible to see their parents. Good breeders will always be happy to oblige and to give you sound advice.

All Dogs Queensland members are bound to adhere to a members Code of Ethics relating to the keeping, welfare, breeding and selling of dogs. All puppy purchasers can complete a feedback from on their breeder and return it to Dogs Queensland to check the breeder is
adhering to the code of Ethics.  


Errors and Omissions: While every care is taken in the publication of advertisements, the Proprietors of  can not be held responsible for errors or their subsequent effects.


The details listed in the Breeder's Websites are authorized for publication by the members concerned. The (Web club) offers no warranty of any kind in relation to the standard of any dog offered for sale by a Breeder or as to the reputation or skill of any Breeder. A Certificate of Registration is an extract of the details shown in the Registers of the C.C.C.(Q)dogs. It is not a guarantee as to the quality of the dog named thereon.

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