Dogs Health care - Help and Hinds!

Dogs Health care - Help and Hinds! - Silky Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers Information

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Dogs Health care - Help and Hinds!

Dogs Health care - Help and Hinds!
If you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy into your home, then this is the Test for you The Puppy Test is designed to help you access and understand your new best friend’s behavior and provide you with useful Pet Tips. Did you know... The canine nose works one million times more efficiently than the human nose!

And the average dog has 42 permanent teeth. Check regular for clean teeth, and feed a good quality dog-food. And provide always clean fresh water. Do you brush your pet’s teeth? a. Yes b. No

PET TIP Did you know that brushing your pet’s teeth is the gold standard when it comes to dental care? Daily brushing is recommended but any brushing is considered beneficial.Only ever use a pet approved toothpaste and brush in a circular action. 5. When was the last time your pet made you laugh or smile? a. Today b. In the last week

New pets - dogs things to look out for: info. Vaccination

1. Do you let your puppy sleep on the bed with you? a. Yes, every night b. Occasionally c. Never as my partner won’t allow it d. Definitely not

PET TIP There is no right or wrong answer here. Sleeping with your pet is not for everyone but it can be a good way to bond with your new best friend. Do keep in mind that where your puppy sleeps in the first few weeks, is where he or she will expect to sleep forever If you do let your puppy sleep on your bed then make sure you use regular intestinal worm and flea control using vet-approved products. Making sure your pet is well groomed is important but you should limit bathing to every 1 weeks at most. exept it is nessesary.  (A Medicated Wash "TRIOCIL" is the answer- recommend by the Breeder Helmut )   Finally, your pet should not be aggressive or possessive when it comes to sleeping on furniture and should always move aside when asked.

2. Have you provided your puppy with any toys? a. Yes b. No

PET TIP Well done if you’ve already bought some toys for your pup, if this isn’t you, then there are some excellent toys available that are educational and entertaining. Toys that must be manipulated by your pet to release treats are an example. They are great for puppies and it can be entertaining watching your puppy learn how to get to the treat. Ask your veterinarian for some recommendations. The most important point to remember is that no pet toy is indestructible and no pet toy is 100 per cent safe. You should always use a pet toy under supervision until you are confident that your pet can use it safely Puppies love sampling things with their mouths so keep potential hazards such as string and electrical cords out of reach. more info-->
PET TIP Pets are notorious for doing funny things and are a great source of amusement whether it is your cat playing in a paper bag or your dog running crazily around the backyard. It’s important to take the time to appreciate your pet and any idiosyncrasies, as a bit of laughter never hurt anyone!

3. Have you given your puppy any milk? a. Yes b. Only pet approved milk c. info. go to Feeding to find the answer.

FEEDING: Remember, what you feed to your silky terrier or Yorkshire Terrier, will show in his or her general appearance and condition. Puppies in particular should receive adequate nutrition due to the particular demands placed upon their constitution during the growth period. More information click on- N0:1 info

N0:2 info. N0:3 info. COMPLETE DOG CARE!   Food your Dog should never it. info.  2.  


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